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Front End Development Tool: Foundation for Apps

Zurb’s Foundation is one of the two biggest front end development frameworks right now (withBootstrap being the other big dog). While both of these addressed the developers’ needs as far as presenting responsive creations in the browser, no one was helping out app developers. Surprising as it may be, many apps actually rely on HTML and CSS embedded inside the application.

32 Free-ish Interactive Design Resources

We all like a deal. Or, even better, something that’s all together free. Although, in most cases, we know that something that may be free on the surface, isn’t really in the end. Long before the advent of the internet and open digital distribution, the term “gift economy” was used to explain when items were gifted or given out for free without any exchange of monetary funds. Because new interactive technologies have emerged, designers have been forced to rely on resources outside of their normal tool sets to get the job done.

How to Be More Productive as a Web Designer

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A complicated piece of work such as website design is not something that can be watered down in three steps. A multitude of other steps and branches of work sprout from the main tasks, and sometimes, this can get overwhelming. When tasks multiply and compound, it can be challenging to stay on top of it all to keep yourself and your team focused on delivering the website when the clientneeds it. To that end, here are seven crucial productivity tips for web designers.

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